Satan's WAR Against YOUR Agency

If you take the BLUE pill, you will be sent to Earth to receive a body, make choices, and if you do well you can go to Heaven. If you take the RED pill, you aren't allowed any choices, will only do what you're told, and automatically go to Heaven. Which one do you choose?

With agency, we have the chance to make covenants. That is true in mortality, where we have agency and the opportunity to make covenants such as those we make when we are baptized. The same was true of premortal life. We had agency, and we had opportunities to covenant.

After an eternity of experience with our Heavenly Parents in the premortal life, it came time for us to leave the nest, to move on toward becoming more like Them. In this wrapping up of our premortal experience, we faced the most momentous of choices—whether to accept or reject God’s plan for our continuing progress.



To prepare and unveil that plan, God called a council. Joseph Smith described this council: “In the beginning, the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods; and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people it.”

The champion of God’s plan was Jehovah. Every reasonable and logical argument pointed to Him as the One who would faithfully and effectively carry out God’s plan. The test of mortality is simple: will we obey? The reward for obedience, for passing the test, is also simple: we “shall have glory added upon [our] heads for ever and ever” (Abraham 3:26). We will be exalted.

But, as we learned from Abraham, an alternative to God’s plan was proposed. Lucifer, one of the most influential of God’s spirit children, advocated his own plan.

Even though reason and logic dictated following Jehovah, we were then, as we are now, not completely reasonable and logical beings. Multiple motivators pull us in different directions. Love is the purest of motivators and is powerful; therefore, hate—love’s opposite—is also powerful. Duty, fear, and force can also motivate formidably. Because of these countervailing motivators, we sometimes ignore reason and logic.



In opposition to Jehovah, Lucifer sought to draw God’s spirit children away from God’s plan.

Returning to the knowledge of our premortal life imparted through Moses, we see that Lucifer’s plan was also simple. He proposed to God: “Send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor” (Moses 4:1).

“One soul shall not be lost” sounds like a good plan. By the terms of God’s plan, there is opposition and agency. Each chooses whether to obey.

In other words, exaltation is not assured for everyone because some, for whatever reason, may choose not to obey. We can see why some of the defiantly disobedient, some of the weak-minded, or some of the laziest would choose to follow Lucifer and accept his guarantee of exaltation.

The problem with Lucifer’s plan was that it was a lie. He could not deliver on the promise. He could not exalt anyone by forcing them to be obedient. We progressed in the premortal life by exercising our agency in favor of good moral choices, and the same process would allow us to progress toward God in mortality. There must be opposition and agency or there is no progress. Without opposition and agency, Lucifer could not exalt his followers and receive the glory he so craved.



The ability to make choices is and will always be the only way that we children of God can progress and grow to become closer and more like our Heavenly Father. Without the ability to choose we wouldn't have the opportunity to be like Him. Satan wants us to lose our choice. Satan wants to take our agency away because he knows that that is the only way that he can win. 


The following was an excerpt from the book "Sacred Covenants" currently available at!