LDS Women and the Priesthood - 7 Ways Latter-day Saint Women Receive and Exercise the Priesthood

Royal Daughters with Priesthood Power


LDS women can and do indeed participate in the priesthood, are given priesthood authority, function under priesthood authority, exercise priesthood authority, and have in mortality and will have in eternity, if they so choose, the power and authority of the holy priesthood. 

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Why did Robert Line write Royal Daughters with Priesthood Power: 7 Ways Latter-day Saint Women Receive and Exercise the Priesthood ? 

“To be clear, honest, and to the point, I have observed that some important, if not vital, gospel principles are rarely taught or brought up when this topic is discussed, whether in talks, books, lessons, articles, or counseling. To be sure, the scriptures and our prophets have taught the vital points of doctrine discussed in this book.

Yet I feel their words and counsel have yet to be assembled in a coherent, unified, and simplified way that will help both women and men truly understand some empowering principles that could, as President Boyd K. Packer has said, help change attitudes and behaviors.” 

What are some of the topics that are discussed in the book?

Women Can Receive and Exercise Priesthood Authority in Their Church Callings

 Any calling, office, or position that anyone holds in this Church comes through and is given by virtue of the Melchizedek Priesthood. Callings in the Primary organization or Relief Society, for instance—these are not separate authorities, functions, or callings from the priesthood. No, as we just read in Doctrine and Covenants 107:5, “all . . . offices in the church are appendages” or a literal part of the holy priesthood. 

Women Exercise Priesthood Authority and Receive Priesthood Power in the Temple

 Another way women receive and exercise priesthood authority can be seen in the inspired and glorious work that is done in the temples of the Church, even the house of the Lord. It is in the temple that women not only exercise priesthood authority, but they likewise receive priesthood power. 

Women Can Access Authority and Power through Desires, Faith, and Righteousness

 Priesthood is the power of God. In a very broad sense, anyone who receives the power of God, in any form, receives priesthood power. The Holy Ghost is one such influence that allows Church members to receive this power in their lives. 

Other chapters in Royal Daughters 

  • Yes, There Is a Mother in Heaven
  • Equality, Gender Roles, and Presiding in Righteousness
  • Women, the Temple, and Wearing the Veil
  • Heavenly Antecedents: Womanhood, Motherhood, and Priesthood as Preparations for Eternity

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Robert Line has worked full time with religious education for the past twenty-five years. In addition to teaching with the BYU Religious Education faculty, he has been a presenter at BYU Education Week, Women’s Conference, and Especially for Youth and has worked for Church Educational System programs as an instructor and director for Institutes of Religion. Brother Line has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from BYU and also holds a doctoral degree from Purdue University in sociology of religion. He has authored various books and articles and has served as the editor in chief of Century Magazine.