President Russell M. Nelson says "Go Forward With Faith" in 2020

In last April's closing remarks at General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson asked members to "go forward in faith" throughout the remainder of the year. President Nelson stated that the conference could be summed up in two words:


"Hear Him."


Due to COVID-19, General Conference had to be done all online, which is how conference will be shown again this. Because of the changing times that we are living in, a lot of people feel fear and distress currently. President Nelson gave comfort and advice to members who feel this way saying:


"We pray that your focus on Heavenly Father, who spoke those words, and on His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, will loom largest in your memories of all that has transpired. We pray that you will begin anew truly to hear, hearken to, and heed the words of the Savior I promise that decreased fear and increased faith will follow.



President Nelson also focused a lot of closing remarks on the temple and it's importance. Although all the temples were closed at the time of these remarks, it is nice to see the temples across the world slowing opening back up. 


"Hear these pleadings from a mighty prophet of God: “When Thy people shall not have the opportunity of entering this holy house … and they are oppressed and in trouble, surrounded by difficulties … and shall turn their faces towards this Thy holy house and ask Thee for deliverance, for help, for Thy power to be extended in their behalf, we beseech Thee, to look down from Thy holy habitation in mercy … and listen to their cries. Or when the children of Thy people, in years to come, shall be separated, through any cause, from this place, … and they shall cry unto Thee from the depths of their affliction and sorrow to extend relief and deliverance to them, we humbly entreat Thee to … hearken to their cries, and grant unto them the blessings for which they ask.

Brothers and sisters, during times of our distress when temples are closed, you can still draw upon the power of your temple covenants and endowment as you honor your covenants. Please use this time when temples are closed to continue to live a temple-worthy life or to become temple worthy."


Going forward, there is still so much for us as members to learn about the Gospel and to be revealed to us. President Nelson ended his closing remarks with an apostolic blessing as well as this statement:


As the Restoration continues, I know that God will continue to reveal many great and important things pertaining to His kingdom here on earth. That kingdom is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


What do you think we'll learn from the next General Conference? What will President Nelson reveal to us from Heavenly Father that is pertinent to our time?


Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are!