President Eyring's Experience Serving in Three Different First Presidencies

What does President Henry B. Eyring think of President Russell M. Nelson's leadership for the Church? Sitting beside him for around 34 years, there must be some similarities and differences that he has seen. Having served in three different First Presidencies, first for President Gordon B. Hinckley and then President Thomas S. Monson, President Eyring has a unique perspective. Taken from the Church News, he says:


“What I have learned serving with President Nelson is that he is a different man when the mantle of the Lord settles upon him, and he becomes the Lord’s Prophet, the President of the restored Church, and the ultimate decision-maker in the Church. I see him making decisions and giving counsel in a far different way than I saw in 34 years of sitting beside him in the Quorum of the Twelve.”


When asked how each previous Prophet led councils in comparison to President Nelson, he stated:


“Each did it a very different way,” President Eyring said of how the presidents of the Church organized the First Presidency. “But what they had in common was a feeling of tremendous regard for their counselors and seeking their views.”

President Eyring said if they were meeting together and he wasn’t forthcoming with an opinion, they each might say: “Hal, you’ve got something on your mind. What is it? Speak up. In every case, the members of the First Presidency have brought unique insights and perspectives to items discussed."


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