Shame on Latter-day Saints Letting Politics Ruin Their Testimonies | Signs of the Last Days

“We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” — Articles of Faith 1:12


In a recent post that we did, we talked about how The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ made a statementlike they do every time there is a new President announced, congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. What happened next in our comments section was horrifically sad. 


So many members were caught up in the heat of the politics that they made some terrible comments about The First Presidency, some of them saying:


"I'm ashamed of these people. They must have not gotten any prophecy of late."

"Seems that this presidency is more concerned with appearance and being of this world."

"Sell outs."



David Ridges in his book 100 Signs of the Times, he says the following:


As you can see, among other changes, the Prophet added “according to the covenant” to the final phrase of Matthew 24:24. The warning is clear. Even faithful members of the Church with long years of diligence in living the gospel who have made covenants in the temple can be deceived. This is a threat of sufficient import in our day that it becomes a notable sign of the times.

This type of deception can appear to be very subtle on the surface, but when examined in the light of pure doctrine, it shows up clearly. Over the years, there have been a number of seemingly well meaning, active members who have advocated change in the position of the Church on various matters. They have come across, initially, as sincere and desiring the best interests of the Church and its members.


Joseph Smith clearly defined what happens in such cases.


That man who rises up to condemn others, finding fault with the Church, saying that they are out of the way, while he himself is righteous, then know assuredly, that that man is in the high road to apostasy; and if he does not repent, will apostatize, as God lives. (Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Deseret Book, 1959, 156–57)


Again, the simple eternal truth, not to be altered by the misguided thinking of men and women, nor by the sincere but erroneous thinking of honest men and women, is that God is in charge and does what He knows is best for the growth and development of His children here on earth. He wants us to become like Him. Those with deep testimony appreciate that He ultimately leads the Church and go forward with humble, peace-bringing faith, while those whose faith falters continue to “kick against the pricks” (Acts 9:5). A verse from the Doctrine and Covenants provides a concise summary for us:


D&C 121:38 -  Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God.


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