Let's Go June!

Here are some of the amazing books we are releasing this month! You don't want to miss out! 

Turning to God in the Mess of Our Lives

Author Michelle Cox challenges traditional beliefs and encourages readers to embrace the difficulties of life, recognizing that perfection is not necessary. By adopting new principles, battling negative thoughts, and accepting imperfection, readers can find freedom and joy amidst the chaos.

New England: Church History Travel Guide Audible Release!

We are so excited to let you know this book is available now on Audible! How fun would it be for you and your family to listen to all of the amazing historic sites you can visit in New England like The Joseph Smith Family Farm:

The Sacred Grove:

and others!

You can also find the physical copy of this amazing guide here: Search, Ponder, and Pray: New England Church History Historic Travel Guide

America's Destiny: Choosing God's Will or Ours (A Historical & Latter-day Perspective)

"America's Destiny" presents evidence of America's divine origin and purpose, highlighting the testimonies of the Founding Fathers, historians, and prophets. It poses the question of America's greatest challenge, emphasizing the need to prioritize strengthening families, returning to God, and upholding moral values. The book emphasizes the choice between trusting in the wisdom of God or the wisdom of the world, and the promise of blessings for a nation that chooses to be under God's guidance.

True Versus Truth: Finding the Secret to Latter-day Myths

In the book, author Ronald Bartholomew explores the distinction between something being true and something being an eternal truth. He highlights how societal standards can deceive individuals, leading them to deny transcendent truths. By increasing spirituality and seeking revelation, readers can learn to discern Satan's lies, follow God's will, and guide loved ones toward eternal truths, resulting in a deeper understanding of the gospel and a strengthened connection with the Holy Spirit.

You Will Be Found: How Heavenly Father Knows You and Answers Your Prayers Individually

In "You Will Be Found," author Michelle Porcelli explores the concept of God's individual knowledge and love for each person through scripture and personal testimonies. The book addresses doubts about God's awareness of and care for all individuals amidst a world of billions. Porcelli emphasizes that God does answer prayers and presents learning opportunities, highlighting that He is involved in the details of every person's life. The true stories in the book serve as a testimony that God and Jesus Christ are aware of and will find each individual, reaffirming that no one is forgotten.

Exclude Not Thyself: Thriving as a Covenant-Keeping, Gay Latter-day Saint

In "Exclude Not Thyself," author Skyler Sorensen shares his personal experience as a man attracted to men who is married to a supportive woman. The book showcases their commitment to their covenants, faith in the Savior, and the Church. It aims to dispel doubts about the ability of gay Latter-day Saints to remain faithful members and provides valuable lessons on using life's trials to overcome self-imposed barriers and receive the blessings promised by the Father. Sorensen's story serves as proof that mixed-orientation marriages can be successful, and happiness can be attained by living the pure gospel in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.