LDS Church Gives New Guidelines for Safely Increasing Activity during COVID-19

“In challenging times, disciples of Jesus Christ continue to follow Him by participating in His work of salvation and exaltation.”


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The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided updated guidelines to help Church leaders and members safely increase engagement in worship and other activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the new updates that the General Authorities have proposed to increase church activity:


- Adult and youth presidency and council meetings can occur virtually or safely in person as local conditions allow. 

- Leaders can continue to both minister to, and conduct ministering interviews with fellow congregants.

- Using safe practices and under the guidance of their bishop, leaders can regularly administer the sacrament in the homes of those who wish to receive it.

- Youth meetings, activities, and service projects can he held virtually or safely in person, as local circumstances allow. These can take place on Sundays or on other days. 

- Depending on local conditions, and with oversight of the bishop, weekly sacrament meetings can be held virtually, safely in person, or by hybrid in-person and virtual broadcasts. Broadcasts should not be recorded. Leaders are also to support Latter-day Saints who need to continue worshipping at home. 


What do you think of these updated safety guidelines? Are you affected by them or not?