LDS Church Announces the New 2021 Easter Initiative, #StartingToday

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has officially announced their annual Easter initiative. Like every year, a new hashtag to celebrate this initiative is conceived, this one being #StartingToday. The Church also released a new video to launch this initiative which can be watched down below. 



“Starting today we can restart, reboot, relook at our lives,” reads the text in the video. “We can reevaluate, reassess, reexamine everything in life starting today because of how one day started 2,000 years ago. He left the tomb behind. We can leave our past behind if we hear Him, love Him, follow Him.”


This video encompasses so much of the feelings and emotions that many have experienced because of the pandemic. There is a massive theme of forgiveness to not just those who may have done us wrong or that we have problems with, but also to ourselves. With the #StartingToday, it really is a push for all people who want to claim this message, to really begin and continue their journey in being closer with the Savior.


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