Joining The Church He Hated: Trial of Faith

Dusty Smith is not alone when it comes to having to learn through trials of our faith. In 1983 he joined the church at the age of twenty-three, served a mission, got married, and started a family. His testimony of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was strong and he was living his life the way the Church taught.


However when it was time to defend the church against anti-Mormon doctrine, what he found was that his testimony wasn’t strong enough. After going through these anti-Mormon doctrines and constantly questioning his Church leaders, Dusty went from being “an active member of the Church to asking to have my name removed from its records.”


All of this happened within a matter of three months.


Dusty’s return to the church wasn’t easy. The many trials that came his way made it hard for him not to believe that there was a loving Heavenly Father watching over him, begging for him to come back.

His story is told in the book Trial of Faith, where he talks about his journey of finding the truth, losing his testimony, fighting against the truth, and then returning to the church that he had hated for so long. This story is about “God’s love for His children and His knowledge about the most intimate details of our lives.”


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