Jeffrey R. Holland Discusses What He Has Learned During COVID-19

As part of the Elijah Interfaith Institute's "Coronaspection" initiative, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland joined Rabbi Alon Goshen Gottstein, in a discussion on faith and introspection during the times we live in. You can watch the full video here. It's a really good one, and I recommend it.


One of the biggest lessons that Elder Holland said he has learned throughout the pandemic is to take time for personal reflection


Rabbi Gottstein asked Elder Holland, "When this is over, and you go back to the position of leadership in the Church, is it only the Church's leadership and other busy business people, who have to rebalance (their life)? Or is there a lesson on how the Church is structured and Spirituality is structured, that needs to be rethought as a spiritual lesson from this situation?"


Elder Holland answered that everyone needs to gain new spiritual insight from this pandemic. Here are some of the lessons he brought up:


- Be grateful for life

- Be reverent about the sanctity of other people's lives

- A reminder that we are all Heavenly Father's children

- Take time for yourself


He also brought up the importance of "seeking solitude" like the Savior did and having more time in our personal lives to reflect, ponder, and pray. 



During COVID-19 I think that a lot of us have had a lot more time to do personal introspections. Hopefully we have been able to get closer to our families, realize what is most importance in our lives, and to get rid of the toxic elements that might be holding us back. 


I know for me and my family, this pandemic has made me appreciate the job that I have, the time that I get to spend with my family, and the importance of my health. It has also given me opportunities to reconsider my goals in life, and to put more spiritual matters first rather than worldly.


What are some of the lessons that YOU have learned during this pandemic? Let us know in the comments!


Also remember to check out the video with Elder Holland and Rabbi Gottstein. It truly is a powerful video.