How To Love Boldly

Becky Mackintosh knows a thing or two about How To Love Boldly, in fact the name of her book is called Love Boldly. How do we love our LGBTQ family and friends while also holding strong to our faith that disapproves many of those life style choices?

Becky talks about the experience she had when her son was planning his wedding with his boyfriend. In her book she says:


"Together we cried. My son’s grief and the conflict between my love for him and my faith in God’s command that marriage be between a man and a woman was breaking my heart. And I knew my son’s heart was also breaking at the thought that I may not support him on his special day. This was something I didn’t take lightly. I didn’t want Sean to live a life alone, and though the thought of him marrying a man was not something I ever envisioned in his future, I knew and still know that agency is an essential element of God’s plan. I knew my job as a parent was to just love him the best I could and trust in the Lord for the rest.

I allowed myself to feel sorrow, and then I laid it at my Savior’s feet. I am grateful that the Lord teaches me with each act of mourning that He loves me and He loves my son. Agency is an essential element of God’s plan, and charity never faileth."



How tough would that be to have such a conflict and such a struggle? Ultimately though, Becky was able to reconcile this conflict in which she writes so beautifully:


"As a parent, and as a Latter-day Saint, I am asked to seek after charity and show it toward all—especially my own children. My job is to love them and trust in the Lord to do the rest."


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