How To Get The Most Out of Come Follow Me in 2020!

Come Follow Me 2020 is going to be a big year! Why? Because it's based around The Book Of Mormon! So what can YOU do to get the MOST out of your Come Follow Me 2020 study? Here are THREE tips we think will help you!


#1 - Make sure to be diligent in keeping up with the Come Follow Me lessons each week. By studying throughout the week, not only will your week be enriched, but also your church experience. By being prepared, you'll be able get the most out of that second hour of church that at times can be seen as dragging. 



#2 - Look for other resources to enrich your study. David Ridge's best-seller Book of Mormon Made Easier and Book of Mormon Made Easier for Teens collections are AMAZING resources to get the most out of your study. Imagine reading the Book of Mormon, and while you read each verse, you are also given text throughout that explains the meanings of each verse and their context! How amazing is that! Don't believe us? Go download the first 15 pages for FREE and see for yourself!



#3 - Involve your family! The biggest blessing of Come Follow Me is how easy it is to integrate it with your family scripture study! The lessons are so easy, and come with amazing suggestions how to keep the gospel discussions alive in your home, and even provide some activity ideas as well. 



The Book of Mormon is one of the biggest foundations of the Restored Gospel. This will be an amazing year for all of us who go head first into it!



For more information on David Ridges and The Book of Mormon Made Easier sets go here!