How to be a Powerful Modern-day Missionary!

As I sat down with two bright and unwrinkled faces of Dakota Pierce and Matthew Spurrier, I realized that these were boys right off the mission. I was going to have to ask them their age at some point as one described how he went to MIT and worked for NASA and the other went to Pre Med but was now working for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and married.  Obviously not just fresh from the mission field.  

"Tell me what your book is about," I asked.  

They proceeded to tell me that they served together for only five months as mission companions but were hooked on their friendship for life.  Towards the end of their mission when they were together, they felt like they had really figured out the in's and out of missionary work.  After returning home, they began to share these tips and advice with other missionaries, both returned and currently serving.  They received stellar feedback and thus, How to Be a Powerful Modern Day Missionary was conceived.  A book written by two guys under 25.  But, who better to write about missionary work and how to accomplish it best than two, nearly freshly returned, successful missionaries? 

I wondered, in my "much older than they" wisdom, how do you measure success on a mission?  Is it really fair to say success is about numbers when the purpose is to bring people to Christ?  They agreed, success is not just about baptizing others but the conversion and closeness of your own relationship with your Heavenly Father.  These are two great guys that I'm happy to have met. 

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