Facebook Won't Let A Latter-day Saint Publisher Advertise Their New Book. What's Going On?

Facebook Won't Let A Latter-day Saint Publisher Advertise Their New Book. What's Going On? 

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media has been around for 35 years this year.  They’ve published thousands of books varying in genre, including: LDS Non-Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Fantasy, Health, etc. They’re a small publisher dedicated to putting out amazing books written by amazing authors. 


With that being said, there is one book that is being silenced: Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump by Gretchen Wollert, which was just released February 2021. The books synopsis states: 


Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump are two of a kind despite terms in office separated by 150-plus years. Both encountered a biased press and deeply divisive political environments after being elected with less than 50 percent of the popular vote. Each was viewed as an ill-equipped outlier and accompanied to office by first ladies ostracized by Washington's elite. Lincoln was known by those closest to him for his supreme self-confidence, inexhaustible ambition, mean streak, braggadocio, arrogance, vanity, and knack for thriving amid conflict. Ditto Trump. Born to Fight shows that Trump is better understood through the many parallels linking him to Lincoln.


Obviously this book will be a controversial book and Cedar Fort knew this when they decided to publish it. But in their 35 years of experience, they’ve learned not every book is for everyone, but there SHOULD be a book for anyone. So what is going on right now?


Cedar Fort Publishing relies heavily on Facebook marketing to spread awareness on the books that they publish. As they’ve tried to run advertisements and publish content about the book, Born to Fight, they have seen a pushback from Facebook on getting their content out. Not only have their ads been shut off and denied, but when they have asked for a review of the content, Facebook constantly denies them. This book isn't made to make people vote for Donald Trump, how could it? The man is not in office anymore. This book is about comparing two American president's and the lives they lived. But that doesn't matter does it. At the end of the day, the book is about Donald Trump, and therefore should be hidden away from the internet. 


The topic of censorship and conservatives is currently on the rise, and with the announcement of Conservative pundit Steven Crowder suing Facebook for "what he believes are unfair and secretive policies," you can see how everything is adding up. Mark Zuckerberg also recently said that Facebook would no longer recommend political groups to its users, describing the move as “a continuation of work we’ve been doing for a while to turn down the temperature and discourage divisive conversations.” 


So what can be done? Right now Cedar Fort Publishing is trying to advertise their new book Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump, and can use your help to push back. Whether you want to share this post to your social media, or if you want to purchase the book, either would be great. Cedar Fort Publishing appreciates all the love and support that many of happy customers have given them throughout the years and promise to make sure to continue to publish books people enjoy. 


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