How Was Your First At-Home Church Service? Mine Was GREAT! | LDS Come Follow Me Program

Because of the coronavirus, Church has been canceled in Utah, and because of it we had to have our Sunday "meeting" at home...and it was AMAZING. Not because I didn't have to get dressed up for Church, or wake up early, or worry about getting a nice seat; but because of the Spirit I felt being with my family and doing Come Follow Me. 

It was a great experience. My parents, who live in Texas, FaceTime my wife and I, and we linked up with my brother as well. Because we don't get to have Church together ever, it was such an awesome opportunity to talk about the gospel, go through Come Follow Me together, and share experiences and impressions while going through the scriptures. 



There are many Sundays (a lot unfortunately), where I go to Church and get NOTHING out of it. I sit in Sacrament meeting trying to calm my baby, while also trying to hear the speaker while a bunch of other children are crying and playing, and then have to go to Sunday school where I have to hear a boring lesson, or take my kid to the foyer to calm him down. The point I'm making is this:

I felt the Spirit more strongly being at home with my family, and reading the scriptures and going through the Come Follow Me program, than I have in a long time going to Church. And this isn't to say that I don't enjoy going to Church. But a lot of times it feels more like a "social event" rather than a time to worship. 

I know that this is a temporary condition with Church meetings, but I have a stronger testimony in the Come Follow Me program and our prophet President Nelson, because of the ability to not go to Church. 

Let us know in the comments, what do you think about the Come Follow Me program? How has it blessed your life?