At Some Point, Everyone Is Going To Need a Miracle

The Christian Rock Band, Third Day, released their hit song “I Need a Miracle” in 2012.  The lyrics tell the story of a man who loses his job and is afraid he will also lose his wife and children as a result. He grabs the keys to his truck and starts to drive “deep into the woods” to end it all. He cries out, “Lord above, I need a miracle.”

I think almost everyone, at some point in their life, has cried out for a miracle. I certainly have. Coincidentally, the same year the song “I Need a Miracle” was released, my wife Vickie was fighting for her life against cancer. My children and grandchildren cried out for a miracle every day of her illness.

The lyrics to the song continue, “Well no matter who you are and no matter what you've done, there will come a time when you can't make it on your own. And in your hour of desperation, know you're not the only one praying, Lord above, I need a miracle.”



While writing my book “Has the Day of Miracles Ceased? 100 True Latter-day Miracles,” I asked my oldest daughter Amber, “Why do you think we need miracles in our lives today?”

Her answer was profound: “It will take a miracle for us of this generation to escape the evils of the world and rise triumphant at the last day. If the day of miracles has ceased, so has faith. I hold true to the hope that if I remain faithful, my Savior will shower miracles upon me and my family in our greatest need. We will be surprised when we reach the other side of the veil how many miracles occurred in our lives to help us fulfill our missions upon this earth.”

A few years ago, I heard Sister Linda K. Burton, then the General Relief Society President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tell the story of her great-great-grandmother, Karoline Kjar. In 1873 in Denmark, Karoline needed a miracle.

Her husband spent six months in the hospital with blood poisoning because he stepped on a rusty nail. Karoline was left to provide for her family of five children. She worked hard and tried her best, but still came up short in paying the rent.

After falling several months behind in paying the rent, her landlord told her they must move unless she could pay in full. 

Karoline gathered her children around her. They knelt and pleaded to the Lord for a miracle. Karoline's faith was such that she said to her children, “The Lord will hear our prayer.” As she prayed, she told the Lord, “She had done everything she could but was unable to pay the rent.” She humbly asked for help. Afterwards, she told the children, “I have a feeling that somebody will be inspired by the Lord to give us help.” 

It snowed heavily the next day, but through it trudged a large man to their door and knocked. When Karoline opened the door, the man said, “Is this the place where Mrs. Kjar lives?” Karoline nodded.

“My name is Johan Nicolai Madvig. Last night I had a dream from the Lord in which I was told that there was a poor, hard-working woman living in Fiolsthede 29 on the second story in the rear who was in need. Now I came here to help you. How much money do you need?” 

Karoline told him how much they still owed in rent. Johan gave her the money and then said, “If you ever need any more money, don’t be afraid to ask me.” 

Karoline was overwhelmed and thanked the stranger for his kindness.

"Don't thank me," Johan replied. "Thank the Lord, for this dream that I had come from Him."

And that is exactly what Karoline Kjar did after the man left. She gathered her five children around her and knelt in prayer again, thanking the Lord for their miracle. (Women's Conference. April 29, 2016)

In the coming days, weeks, and months, the day will surely come when you will need a miracle. You will then realize, as the lyrics to the song say, “You can't make it on your own.” It is then that I hope you will remember the example of Karoline Kjar, especially her great faith that miracles can truly happen.

The day of miracles has not ceased!

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