5 Romance Favorites

How many of you who are reading this can say that at some point in your life you’ve been in love or simply had a crush on someone? Everyone at Books and Things is raising their hands this fine February because we know love just as much you do! And we love love!

On this loving note, we’ve taken the opportunity to share with all of you some of our favorite books, whether they are wintery romances, or old fashioned regency courting, or new twists on folklores; we know they will reach our broad audience.


Carla Kelly’s seasonal anthology starts off with Let Nothing You Dismay, a regency story, where Cecelia Ambrose escorts one of her pupils home for Christmas, but the girl’s parents are away taking care of sick family. Miss Ambrose stays to help Uncle Trevor and finds herself caught up in his charming banter. Find out where this humorous romance goes in A Season of Love.


When Caleb meets Alice on the way into town, she is startled by how similar he looks to her dead childhood crush. However, he is alive and he doesn’t want anyone to know what happened after being rescued. Alice, though, won’t just ignore those six years of his life. By Love or By Sea gives readers not just regency romance, but mystery romance as Alice unravels Caleb’s past.

Ashtyn Newbold’s Lies and Letters on the other hand, will have you both frustrated and enraptured. With her family’s future resting on her shoulders, Charlotte Lyons must overcome her bad attitude that brought her disdain in her home town so she may attract a rich suitor. But then she must determine if true love is really worth giving up the comfort of wealth.


Swan and Shadow gives readers and interesting twist on the white and black swan from the Swan Lake Story. Aislyn, the younger of twin sisters, is cursed with swan by day and human by night. Maeve, the other twin, is unrestricted with the curse, but she wants to free her sister from it. Will Maeve be able to find true love for her sister, or will she end up standing in the way?

Princess Claire, Aurora, after waking from the curse, finds the palace falling asleep again and not waking up. Brittlyn Doyle gives readers an after look on Sleeping Beauty with Waking Beauty, where Claire, Prince Damien, and Sir James must find the fairy who originally cast the curse and figure out what love really is before everyone falls back asleep.


Whether you are in love, your heart is broken, or you are still mending it; these romance favorites will move you to love love as much as we do! Check them out, and let us know which romance genres you prefer!