5 Important Things Long-Term Food Storage Can Do For You


This is an excerpt from Store This, Not That! by Crystal Godfrey and Debbie Kent.


We know that an emergency supply of food and water helps during a natural disaster and that a 90-day supply helps when recovering from a natural disaster that takes longer than two weeks or during a life emergency like job loss, sickness, or any other unplanned event. Here are five great reasons long-term food storage is so important. 

Knowing what a functional long-term supply can do for you is essential knowledge for gathering the correct items. 

  1. A great long-term supply can help you every day, not just when the world ends, because it comprises basic ingredients you use every day. 

When you understand what long-term food storage is—basic ingredients you use every day—it won’t seem so scary. Think about it: ground wheat is simply flour, powdered milk can be used for fresh milk in any cooking, and the list goes on and on. Since these foods are also basic ingredients in many recipes, they can easily be rotated in your regular meals. 

Don’t believe us? What if we told you that you are already eating these items? Do you ever use a pancake or muffin mix that says, “Just add water”? Surprise! That mix contains food storage ingredients like powdered eggs, powdered milk, and more. 

We’ll give you a minute to get over the shock. So it turns out you already do use food storage—and like it! 

  1. A great long-term supply helps when a life emergency lasts longer than three months. 

Sometimes finding a new job lasts longer than three months or medical bills are higher than you ever could have dreamed. Whatever the reason, if your life emergency, or the effects of it, are lasting longer than three months, you can delve into your long-term supply to help get you through it. 

  1. A great long-term supply can help you save money.

Cooking with and using items like powdered milk, powdered eggs, wheat, and many others can actually be cheaper than fresh ingredients—especially during times of inflation, droughts, and food shortages. 

  1. A great long-term supply helps during a nationwide crisis. 

Whether the economy collapses, war breaks out that requires food rationing, or a large-scale drought diminishes food productions so drastically that it causes a famine in the land, you will still need food to provide for your family. A nationwide crisis like these would cause worldwide instability. It will take a long while to get back to “normal.” No amount of money (or gold, for that matter) will provide food for your body if the shelves of your neighborhood store are empty and there are no trucks of food coming to refill them. Think about it, you can’t eat money; you can’t even burn enough of it to keep warm. Having food stored is the insurance you’ll need to protect your family from “going without” during any long-term crisis. 

  1. A great long-term supply helps you eat healthier.

 As we’ve discussed before, and as most people know, eating more whole grains and cooking from scratch is healthier. Whole grains and beans help you feel fuller faster, keep you full longer, keep you regular, and help decrease your chances of developing such diseases as adult-onset diabetes, some cancers, and heart disease. Also, eating whole grains and beans now will prepare you (and your digestive tract) for the possibility of living off these items later.

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