5 Latter-day Saint Books to Teach Your Kids About Easter

5 Latter-day Saint Books to Teach Your Kids About Easter


How does your family celebrate Easter? Do you have any fun family traditions? Sometimes it feels like the meaning behind the holiday gets lost in the Easter egg hunts and extravagant Easter baskets. However, we have just the solution! Written for kids, these books are colorful, bright, and simple in their explanation of the importance of Easter. Teach them about Jesus while snacking on all of the candy they gathered earlier that day.


1) The Symbols of Easter

Teach your children the true meaning of Easter and show how their favorite Easter traditions tie back to the Savior. With colorful illustrations and rhyming text, this book explains how eggs, baskets, and bunnies can help us remember Christ's Atonement and Resurrection. Help your children understand what the Savior's sacrifice means for them, and how to celebrate Easter in a way that honors Him.

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2) The Atonement of Jesus Christ is For Me

Christ’s Atonement is stronger than storms on the sea—and it’s Jesus’s gift to you and to me. This reverent, rhyming picture book teaches that the Atonement can help us overcome any challenge we face, whether we’ve made a bad choice or feel lonely or scared. Help your children learn that when we turn to Jesus Christ, we can do hard things and become our best selves.

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3) A Book of Mormon Made Easier: The Resurrection Story In Picture, Verse, and Song

Celebrate Easter in an entirely new way! This collection of scripture stories, songs, and artwork tells the Easter story as it was experienced by the Nephites in ancient America—from their three days of darkness to Christ’s miraculous visit to his other sheep. Featuring an accompanying musical CD, this book is sure to bring the hope of the Resurrection into your home this Easter season.

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4) A Bright Easter

Celebrate the light and hope of the Easter season with this beautiful and interactive picture book. As you read about the Savior’s last week on earth—from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His appearance to Mary outside the tomb—have your children shine a light through the pages to discover the special significance of each event. Introduce your little ones to the joy of the Savior’s Atonement.

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5) The Resurrection is For Me

When Jesus was upon the earth, He gave His life for all. He wants to live with us again and save us from the Fall. Told in rhyming verse, this reverent picture book tells the story of the Savior’s Atonement and why it makes all the difference for everyone who has ever lived. Truly, the joy of the Resurrection is the Savior’s Easter gift to each of us!

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