37 Discourses on the Atonement of Christ Found in the Book of Mormon

37 Discourses Book of Mormon


There are at least thirty-seven discourses in the Book of Mormon on the Savior and the plan of salvation. Sixteen of them are in the first half of the book.

The main intent of every Book of Mormon prophet, not just Nephi, was to invite all who read the book to come unto Christ and be saved (see 1 Nephi 6:4).

Discourses by Book of Mormon Prophets on the Atonement and the Great Plan of the Eternal God compiled by David B. Marsh, author of Doubt Not, But Be Believing

  1. 1 Nephi 8: (Lehi) Lehi saw a vision of the tree of life.

  2. 1 Nephi 10: (Nephi) Nephi recounts some of the teachings of his father.

  3. 1 Nephi 11: (Nephi) Nephi saw a vision of the tree of life, and the birth and life of Jesus.

  4. 1 Nephi 19–22: (Nephi) Having just arrived in the promised land, Nephi spoke of the scattering and gathering.

  5. 2 Nephi 2: (Lehi) Lehi was giving counsel to each of his children. He was speaking to Jacob in this chapter.
  1. 2 Nephi 6–10 (especially 9): (Jacob) Lamanites and Nephites had just been separated. Lamanites had been cursed.
  1. 2 Nephi 11: (Nephi) This was just before Nephi quoted thirteen chapters of Isaiah. He gave reasons for quoting Isaiah.
  1. 2 Nephi 25–26: (Nephi) After quoting thirteen chapters of Isaiah, Nephi gave his own prophecy, in plainness, about the great plan.
  1. 2 Nephi 31: (Nephi) Nephi explained the doctrine of Christ.

  2. Jacob 4: (Jacob) Jacob explained their belief in Christ and exhorted people to be reconciled to God through the Atonement of Christ.
  1. Jacob 5–6: (Jacob) Jacob quoted Zenos’s allegory of the great plan.

  2. Mosiah 2–4: (King Benjamin) King Benjamin spoke to his people for the last time.
  1. Mosiah 13–16: (Abinadi) Abinadi spoke in the court of the wicked King Noah and his priests.
  1. Mosiah 18: (Alma) After hearing Abinadi’s sermon in King Noah’s court, Alma was teaching the people by the waters of Mormon.
  1. Mosiah 27: (Alma the younger) This chapter includes receiving the visit of the angel of the Lord.
  1. Alma 5: (Alma the younger) Iniquity entered the Church and its progress was hindered. Alma left the office of chief judge to preach to the people.
  1. Alma 7: (Alma the younger) Alma taught the people in Gideon.

  2. Alma 9: (Alma) Alma taught the people in Ammonihah.

  3. Alma 11–13: (Amulek and Alma) Amulek, then Alma, contended with Zeezrom.
  1. Alma 18: (Ammon) Ammon taught King Lamoni and his servants.

  2. Alma 21: (Aaron) Aaron taught the Amalekites. He did not have much success and was thrown in prison.
  1. Alma 22: (Aaron) Aaron taught King Lamoni’s father, who was the king over all the Lamanite lands. Aaron had much success with King Lamoni’s father and his household.
  1. Alma 33: (Alma) Alma taught the poor people on the hill Onidah.

  2. Alma 34: (Amulek) Amulek taught the poor on the hill Onidah.

  3. Alma 39–42: (Alma the younger) Alma taught his son Corianton who had sinned. There is evidence that he returned to the ministry (see Alma 42:31; 49:30).
  1. Helaman 5: (Helaman) Nephi and Lehi, sons of Helaman, were remembering the words of their father. They decided to preach the word to the people because the church was dwindling and the people were becoming weak like the Lamanites.
  1. Helaman 8: (Nephi, son of Helaman) Nephi spoke from his garden tower.

  2. Helaman 14: (Samuel) He was a Lamanite prophet sent to the wicked Nephites to call them to repentance and tell them of the signs of the birth and death of Jesus Christ.
  1. 3 Nephi 9–10: (Jesus Christ) The Savior taught the Nephites before He appeared to them as the resurrected Lord.
  1. 3 Nephi 11: (Jesus Christ) The Savior appeared to the Nephites and taught them. He began a new dispensation among the Nephites with His own testimony.
  1. 3 Nephi 27: (Jesus Christ) Jesus taught His gospel and explained why He was lifted up.
  1. Mormon 7: (Mormon) Mormon invited those who were spared to believe in Christ.
  1. Mormon 9: (Moroni) Moroni spoke to those who did not believe in Christ.

  2. Ether 3: (The Premortal Christ) The Lord spoke to the brother of Jared after Jared saw the finger of the Lord.
  1. Moroni 7: (Mormon) Moroni wrote the words his father taught in the synagogue which had been built for the place of worship.
  1. Moroni 8: (Mormon) An epistle from Mormon to Moroni concerning baptism of children.
  1. Moroni 10: (Moroni) Moroni spoke his last words and testimony about what he had written. He spoke about coming unto Christ and being perfected in Him.

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