3 Facts About Washington State Mormons

Here are THREE facts about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Washington State!



#1 - The Seattle Temple

The Seattle Temple was the first temple built in Washington State and is the 19th operating temple for the Church. Due to its proximity to the Bellevue Airfield, the proposed height of the spire was reduced, and a red strobe warning light was installed at the base of the angel Moroni statue. The airfield closed in 1983, and the light was shut off. The temple was dedicated on November 17, 1980, by president Spencer W. Kimball.


#2 - Tacoma

Did you know that the very first branch of the Church was formed in Tacoma Washington in 1899? There are now 472 wards and 70 branches in 2020. 



#3 - Columbia River Temple

During the dedicatory prayer [of the Columbia River Washington Temple] President Gordon B. Hinckley prayed, “Thy grateful people have erected this house. It has been visited by many thousands. They have come out of curiosity and have left with appreciation. May their hearts be inclined to Thy work and may there grow within them a desire to learn of Thy revealed truth.”

President Hinckley’s prayer was answered, as many of the visitors, after touring the temple, asked to hear more about the gospel. Within a few weeks of the of the open house, the Washington Spokane Mission reported, more than twenty open house visitors had joined the Church and many more were investigating.