THREE Spring Book Covers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Spring Book Book Covers We Can’t Get Enough Of


We try not to judge books by their covers, but we are guilty of it too! We are so excited to gush over these beautiful covers with you. Get ready, because once you see these covers, you are going to want to buy them all!


1) God Comes to Women by Heather Farrell and Jen Mabray (April 13, 2021)


Have you noticed how in the scriptures men are always going into the mountains to commune with God? Yet, in those same scriptures, we hardly ever read of women going there. Women's lives were (and still are) full of responsibilities for sustaining life. Because of this, it was difficult-if not impossible-for them to leave their families to commune with God.


Instead, God often came to women where they were, when they were doing their ordinary, everyday work. He met them at the wells where they drew water for their families. He conversed with them in their homes, kitchens, and gardens. He visited them as they sat beside sickbeds, gave birth, cared for the elderly, and performed necessary mourning and burial rites. In these seemingly mundane and ordinary tasks required to sustain life, women found themselves face to face with divinity.


Join scholars Heather Farrell and Jen Maybray as they take you on a tour of the scriptures to discover how God visited and spoke to women anciently. Learn from them how He still visits and speaks to women today, and be willing to open your eyes and heart to see God in your life, even in the most ordinary, mundane places and in the most remarkable ways!


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2) Heartbroken, But Not Broken by Jaime Clemmer (May 11, 2021)


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”

 —Washington Irving,  

We live in a culture that seldom speaks openly about grief. In some instances, we are even embarrassed to show our sorrow. Why are we ashamed to cry? Why do we feel that sharing sadness is unacceptable? How can we effectively mourn with those who mourn if no one is willing to share their heartache? 

In Heartbroken, But Not Broken, Jaime Clemmer offers readers an intimate recounting of the aftermath of her son’s sudden death. She shares the details of her unfettered grief to offer license to anyone struggling to tell their own story. She invites you to walk with her. Her path is complicated and sacred, as is the case with most grievers.

We can effectively mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who are in need of comfort. We can be present for people in their sorrow. Jaime’s Heartbroken, But Not Broken can show you how. Her story is a testament to us all that tears are not a source of embarrassment, and sorrow is not something to be hidden.

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3) The Bench by Jen Brewer (April 13, 2021)


The Bench by [Jen Brewer]

Overwhelmed, Miranda feels she is failing to live up to her mother's perfect image. Perhaps running for Mom of the Year on the 25th anniversary of her mother's win would change that and atone for the role that Miranda believes she played in her mom's death.

Unfortunately, Miranda's son's behavior might prove her failure and disqualify any chance she has in the contest. A desperate prayer leads her to a park bench where she meets a remarkable stranger. The bench becomes a path to purpose as old dreams Miranda set on the shelf are rekindled through wisdom imparted from this unlikely friend.

When crisis hits and old family secrets erupt, will Miranda follow the woman's advice and continue her journey to personal purpose, or will she hide behind the façade that she, like her mother, worked so hard to build?

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