We Could All Use a Little Revelation, Alma 8-12

Sometimes when we try to serve the Lord we feel like our efforts are wasted, as our efforts fall flat or seem not to pan out the way we expected them to. When Alma preached to Ammoniahah, he was cast out and spit on.  Yet he was told by an angel to try again, which he did and God provided him food, and shelter and put Amulek in his path.  We are going to have setbacks, even if it's something we really felt the Lord directed us to do, but if we look towards Alma's example, the Lord will provide a way, just maybe not the way we think. 

This week on the Come Follow Me with David Ridges Podcast, we have a special guest host, Marilyn Faulkner.  



Marilyn Faulkner is the author of the User-Friendly Book of Mormon