Allison Waggoner

Growing up in the chocolate industry was the beginning of a love affair that started Allison on 
a journey for a life filled with delicious and innovative cuisine. For more than 35 years, Allison 
has created some of the finest award winning confections in the world. Her confections and 
designs have been featured in Crate & Barrel, Culinary Products Magazine, Ghirardelli, 
Godiva, Walt Disney theme parks, Fancy Food Magazine, Sally Foster Magazine, Target, 
Universal Studios and Williams-Sonoma. Allison’s product development and marketing 
campaigns have also been featured on The Food Network.
Allison’s culinary and design career brought her to the attention of television executives. 
Allison appeared as a guest host, bringing her family history and chocolate confections to the 
home shopping industry.
Now, Allison can be seen in more than 80 million homes as a host on ShopHQ, a leader in 
retail broadcasting. As a classically trained chef she brings together her love of food and the 
memories they create. Allison loves sharing her shopping experiences with viewers, and now 
brings you her first cookbook.