You Get to Say

Randy J. Gibbs knows that life doesn’t turn out the way we expect. After all, he’s spent the majority of his life legally blind. But that hasn’t stopped him from helping countless people realize that challenges don’t have to keep you from finding happiness and achieving your dreams – it’s all in how you look at life. As an experienced family therapist, life coach, and fitness consultant, Randy has written an empowering new book that will change the way you view life and help you to recognize your harmful mental habits.
        LEARN TO:
    •    Negotiate the telestial traffic jams of mortality in useful and productive ways
    •    Face up to your challenges with a fresh perspective
    •    Make sense of the things that so easily bring you down
    •    Respond positively to life’s inherent difficulties and negative surprises
    •   Open an entirely new level of understanding about your most challenging experience
As Randy puts it, “There are no problems, only thoughts, judgments, stories, and opinions.” So maybe your life hasn’t turned out the way you expected, but if you think about it, that all depends on what you were expecting. Learn to see only the best and enjoy every minute of your life – no matter what challenges you face. 
    Randy J. Gibbs is an author, trainer, life coach, and health and fitness consultant. He earned a master’s degree in social work in 1980 and worked as a family therapist. After earning a second master’s in organizational behavior, Randy moved into the business world, but his focus on helping people create positive change remained his central passion.
    Randy worked for several large companies as a corporate trainer and coach before launching his own coaching and consulting practice in 1995. All of this unfolded while Randy was legally blind. At age ten, he was diagnosed with a rare retina disease that left him legally blind and partially sighted. His eyesight limitations turned into intense interest in how we all see the world, and Randy discovered that while physical blindness has its challenges, a distorted inner vision can be even more devastating. Helping people see themselves and their life situations clearly is the essence of Randy’s work. People who have worked with him say that even though his eyesight is less than perfect, his insight is keen and powerful. Randy has taught a variety of leadership and personal effectiveness seminars around the world and is best known as a powerful and engaging teacher.
    Randy has served in various teaching capacities in the Church and currently serves as a Gospel Doctrine teacher ans as an institute instructor at Brigham Young University. He is married to the former Cindy Brough, and they are the parents of three children with four grandchildren and counting. They live in Orem, Utah. You may contact Randy through email ( or visit his website: