Writing Tips Thursday: Fiction Writing is like Cold Stone Ice Cream

I love ice cream. So versatile, it can be used for celebrations, pity parties, or just because. I’m not super, super picky about my ice cream either, but I do prefer vanilla and there are a few creameries that I enjoy more than others. One of my favorites is the Cold Stone Creamery. Why? Because of the variety. Even if you are cheap like me and only get the one free mix in, there are still hundreds of options. And when you add the fact that you can get shakes and smoothies as well, the possibilities are into the thousands. If you’re not cheap like me, the possibilities are practically endless. That is one of the things that I love about fiction writing too: never-ending variety.Cold Stone Creamery, Ice CreamWhether you are into paranormals or children’s books, romances or thrillers, fairy tales or coming of age, with fiction the possibilities are endless. But many times writers fall into the habit of writing the same type of story over and over again. Which leads to the readers getting bored and quite possibly the writer getting bored. If the reader gets bored AND the writer’s bored, you’ve lost the magic of the story, and when you lose the magic, you lose the reader (like I’ve probably lost you by now–come back!).

That’s quite the vicious cycle. And how do you break it? The same way you do at Cold Stone: mix and match and try something new. What if you told The Little Mermaid with a steam punk twist? Or made an Asian boy into a cowboy? (If you decide to use either of those ideas, I’d love a shout out! *wink* )

It can be something that is an easy transition (like strawberries in pink lemonade ice cream) or might be a bit of a stretch(like bacon sundaes). There might be some combinations that really don’t work out, but others may surprise you with how good they are. You won’t know until you try.

So take the chance. Mix things up. Breathe life into your story as you add in unusual elements or the same elements in a new way. And once it’s written, I’d be willing to read it…in exchange for ice cream. *Big grin*

What do you love about fiction?

What are some unusual twists on traditional stories/themes have you seen?

One thought on “Writing Tips Thursday: Fiction Writing is like Cold Stone Ice Cream

  • April 22, 2011 at 8:20 am

    My favorite twist on one of the very oldest stories is “O Brother Where Art Thou.” It has to be a classic.

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