Win the Unobtainable “Forgotten Skills”

The Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers by Caleb Warnock

If you haven’t already heard the news, within 5 weeks of his book’s release first-time author Caleb Warnock has become anational bestseller and has completely sold out of his first printing of 5000 books. His book, The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used bythe Mormon Pioneers has certainly struck a chord with people considering the sketchy economy and rising prices. Topics range from gardening tips like how to save your seeds and extend your harvest to hen-keeping and yeast growing. With full color pictures and even some recipes, this book is great for anyone trying to be a little more independent and self-sufficient.

Caleb’s book is so much in demand that the second printing, due in our warehouse mid-November, is almost already sold out. Make sure you get your copy today by pre-ordering either online or at you local independent bookstore. Or you can win a copy of the ARC (B/W pictures) right now by filling out the form below: