Why Going Through a Reputable Publisher Makes Sense

Recently, there have been many authors who have considered self-publishing their book. While it is understandable why this may be attractive in regards to profit, it is not an advisable way to go. They are being short sighted and are unaware of what goes into publishing and selling a book. So you may ask “what does a publisher do that I can’t do myself?”

A reputable publisher can help you in many ways. First, most publishers have a marketing team that knows how to market and present your book to the media and ultimately to readers. These marketing teams usually have established relationships with media contacts. This allows them to get your book noticed by the media better than publishing on your own. A publisher’s marketing team also has experience in what works best for each genre. Along with the marketing comes a sales team. Most publishing sales teams have established accounts with large book buyers. A lot of these buyers will not take a look at a self published title.

Additionally, when publishing through a publishing house you have production support. The publisher usually has a design team, editing team and a warehouse. These are all services that come with the publishing contract.

When someone self-publishes they are alone. They either have to hire someone to perform a certain task or do it themselves. They have to not only write the book, but they also have to design, edit, market and sell the book. Just think about the effort, time and cost involved. The self-published author also has 100 percent of the risk involved with failure. How many self-published titles do you see on the New York Time’s Best Seller list?

Going with a reputable publisher is beneficial, just not in the operational support. You have someone who is behind you 100 percent when you publish with an established publisher. Their focus is aligned with yours. They want your story to be told loudly so they can benefit right alongside you. A great publisher will always be there ready with advice, encouragement and support.

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