Whitney Awards and LDS Storymakers

Wow. This was a busy weekend for LDS authors with both the LDS Storymakers Conference and theWhitney Awards Gala going on. The conference had such distinguished authors as Kevin J. Anderson, Diony George, Annette Lyon in attendance teaching classes and signing books. The conference started off with a boot camp on Thursday and continued until Saturday teaching, inspiring, and encouraging networking between LDS authors. There was even a mass author book signingFriday evening that a number of Cedar Fort authors participated in.

The conference culminated in the Whitney Awards Gala.TheWhitney Awardsare awards given annually for novels byLDSauthors. This year’s Best Novel of the Year was I Don’t Want to Kill You by Dan Wells. Congratulations to him and all the Whitney Award winners. We also wanted to give a special congratulations to Cedar Fort author Carla Kelly, winner of the 2011 Best Romance Novel for her book Borrowed Light.

Have you read any of the Whitney Award Winning books? What did you think of them?