What kind of a Christian are you?

Cedar Fort today announces the release of the trailer and website for Where are the Christians? The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion, the much anticipated national book title set for release later this year from veteran author Eric Shuster. The book trailer and website can be found at www.FindYourChristianity.com and features an exclusive Christian profiling exercise, the trailer, and the capability to preorder the book fromAmazon and Barnes and Noble. Also, starting today hundreds of blogs and web sites will begin a multi-week global virtual book tour summarizing sections and chapters from the book for readers to preview. The tour is slated to reach over a half a million regular readers worldwide each week.

Where are the Christians? uses the classic format of who, what, where and how to explore Christianity and the dynamics that unite and divide the religion in the modern-era. The trailer features theatrical narration, stunning 3D visuals and dramatic music to promote what is expected to be a landmark book on the state of Christianity in America. The Christian profiling exercise allows visitors to answer a series of simple questions resulting in a detailed profile of the exercise taker’s Christian type. Also available is a similar exercise that profiles the participant’s likelihood to be a Modern-day Pharisee (i.e. Christian critic).

FindYourChristianity.com is joined by two other websites in the Christianity series including CatholicLDSChristianity.com and StudyChristianity.com. Both websites feature rich content and book trailers from the author’s previous works and can be accessed at EricShuster.com.

Author Eric Shuster comments “The unique Christian profiling exercise at FindYourChristiaity.com will help replace the age-old question of “˜Are you a Christian?’ with “˜What kind of Christian are you?’ offering opportunities for a more meaningful and productive dialogue between Christians toward a more unified religion.” Where are the Christians? is set for release on May 14, 2013.