What are you going to do on Valentine’s Day?

If you are like me that is the big debate. There are always the classic answers: a romantic Dinner, whether at home or at a restaurant; buying chocolates, flowers or jewelry….BORING! If you are desperate to do something different this Valentine’s Day, something to bring the two of you together for more than five seconds, give you something to talk about later and maybe even add some sizzle to your relationship, check out these books for ideas, or read them together and bring a spark back to the Day of Love

If you are Dating:

101 Creative Dates for Latter-Day Saints by Lindsey Shumway

You’ll find ideas for dating that new guy or girl, ideas for dates in any weather, and ideas for group dates. There’s even a section in each date for overachievers who really want to impress. Each date also includes suggestions for movie lovers. Perfect for novice sixteen-year-olds, veteran daters, or married couples, 101 Creative Dates for Latter-day Saints will liven up any date night-even for the socially challenged!

Luck of the Draw by Rachael Renee Anderson – A Whitney Award Finalist

When Brighton’s roommates bet him that he can’t get three girls to go out with him at the same time, he has no doubt that he’s up to the challenge. Besides, the prospect of an entire month of free laundry is just too enticing to resist. Of course, that’s before he meets Dani–a girl who’s never had a problem turning down a not-so-perfect guy. Soon Brighton realizes that winning the bet might mean losing what really matters most. This fast-paced modern romance is told with wit, sweetness, and a healthy dose of fun. It’s a sure bet that Luck of the Draw will keep you laughing to the very last page.

If you are Engaged:

Honeymoon Heist by Anna Jones Buttimore

Every newlywed couple worries about bringing baggage to a marriage. But when Rodney and Claire Hewlett open a suitcase and discover a small fortune in cash while honeymooning in Spain, they find themselves in a deadly race to the light-studded Eiffel Tower. This thrilling tale will take you by plane, train, and boat across Europe in an adrenaline-pumping ride that won’t end until the very last page.

Romantic Gestures – 365 Ways to Say I Love You by Brian Hardy

In this book, the author provides 365 fun but practical ideas to help courting and married couples keep their romance and love alive. For those who put these ideas into practice, romance will linger throughout their life. Every couple who wants the sparkle of their courtship to continue throughout their lifetime needs this book.

If you are Married:

The Widower’s Wife by Prudence Bice

Trying to escape the crippling heartbreak of her fiance’s betrayal, Jillian Grey answers a newspaper advertisement requesting a mail-order bride to care for the newly widowed Dalton McCullough’s three young children. Jillian and Dalton agree that theirs is a marriage of convenience-and nothing more. But when they realize their growing attraction for each other, they must decide whether to give in to their feelings and risk upsetting their new family’s delicate balance.

Men and the Art of Marriage Maintenance by Brett C. McInelly

What do taco salad, monkeys, mountain climbing, elk hunting, Shamu, and shrink-wrap have to do with marriage? Everything, according to author Brett C. McInelly. Whether taking his cue from fine Mexican cuisine, the great outdoors, or the majesty of the animal kingdom, the author interweaves humor with thought-provoking commentary as he explores the mysteries and wonders of married life from a decidedly male viewpoint. Hardly a model of husbandly perfection, he recounts his efforts to become that illusive creature known as “the good husband.”Most married men share this same desire. What many lack, however, is know-how. Men and the Art of Marriage Maintenance provides dozens of practical and creative tips, from the simple to the elaborate, that men can use on a day-to-day basis to make their marriage healthier and happier. Each tip is prefaced with a humorous anecdote and insightful commentary.

While witty and light in its approach, Men and the Art of Marriage Maintenance speaks to deep issues regarding attitudes and behaviors that lead to a successful marriage. Readers, both men and women, will identify with the author’s experiences as they come away with increased desires to work harder for that elusive goal of “happily ever after.”

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