Veterans Day book deals!

Veteran's-Day-eBook-SaleTo help commemorate those who have fought so much for our freedom, we would like to offer the following discounted* ebook titles (they are available at the links below and also on iBooks and Google Play Books):

*Veterans Day Only!

Warrior-SOS-9781462117345Warrior SOS by Jeffrey Denning


You are not alone. There is help, support, and hope all around you. This remarkable book shares the war experiences of military veterans and their families in their own words. Focused on faith, healing, and recovery, this is a lifeline for our veterans and those who love them.

Warrior SOS includes stories from veterans from different branches of service­—some told here for the very first time. No matter what you’ve experienced, this book can help you find the hope and healing you’ve earned through your service.

American-St-Nick_9781462117628American St. Nick by Peter Lion

American St. Nick recounts when, during the darkest days of World War II, a handful of American soldiers help bring the Christmas spirit back to the children of war-weary Wiltz, Luxembourg. With their simple act of kindness and selfless generosity, they unknowingly created a holiday tradition that continues in to this very day. This is an amazing true story of heroism, honor and hope you’ll never forget.


Unwavering-Valor_9781462116034Unwavering Valor by William T. Garner

Through the Bataan Death March, through prison camps in the Philippines and Taiwan, through four months aboard a Japanese hell ship, and finally through a forced labor camp at Kosaka, Japan, Clarence Bramley never gave up.

This powerful, gripping true story of surviving brutality with optimism and faith is guaranteed to remind you to never lose hope—not in yourself, not in your country, and not in the values for which it stands.

Berlin-Candy-Bomber_9780882906164The Berlin Candy Bomber by Gail Halvorsen

This book is the amazing true story of Gail Halvorsen, Uncle Wiggly Wings, and how through a simple act of kindness he brought joy to the children of East Germany as a pilot during the Berlin Airlift.



Callahan Crossroads_9781462117154Callahan Crossroads by Anola Pickett

“Grown-ups said us kids could help our country win the war. Eat more corn. Give up sugar. Buy Thrift stamps. Collect prune pits. After a whole year doing this sissy stuff, we still hadn’t won. I wasn’t old enough to enlist, but this summer I’d do something dangerous. Something tough and brave.” –George Callahan, Age 12

Set in 1918 Kansas City, Callahan Crossroads brings you to the heart of the World War I home front. Issue-driven and entertaining, it’s a coming-of-age story that will resonate with readers of all ages.