Using Leftovers

This is a guest post by Laura Powell, author of Real Mom Kitchen, which will be released this August.

Ever have a small amount of leftover meat from a meal? Whether you have leftover roast, taco meat, barbecue chicken, etc. ““ a great way to use those leftovers is in a simple quesadilla.


Just brush melted butter over one side of a tortilla.

Place the tortilla butter side down in a frying pan.

Sprinkle shredded cheese over half of the tortilla followed by some of your leftover meat that has been warmed.

Then add anything else you have on hand or that sounds good such as diced green or red onion, diced tomatoes, beans, corn, or cilantro.

Cook over medium heat until tortilla is crisp and golden. Fold in half and enjoy!


Here are some ideas to get you going;

chicken or steak ““ add some peppers and onion for a fajita quesadilla

taco meat ““ add some pepper jack cheese, corn and black beans then dip in guacamole

turkey ““ add some swiss cheese, green onion, and cranberry sauce

bbq pulled pork ““ add some chopped pineapple and red onion

ham ““ and some cheddar cheese and egg for a breakfast version


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