Unique Stories and Facts from LDS History

Did you know that a sister gave birth to a baby during the Salt Lake Temple dedication? Who blessed the baby, and where did this blessing take place? This story is not well known, but it has contributed to the Latter-day Saints’ unique culture and history. In his fascinating new book, Dan Barker has compiled hundreds of facts that entertain, inspire, and teach.

Read Unique Stories and Facts from LDS History, and discover which object, other than the temple, has the words “Holiness to the Lord” inscribed on it. Learn what the doctor who delivered Joseph Smith said about him years later. And find much more! This book is sure to spice up a family home evening, liven up a talk, or apply finishing touches to a lesson. Increase your faith as you read the unbelievable, the never-before-heard, or the seldom-heard stories from Church history. 

Dan Barker was born in Montana and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He served in the Massachusetts Boston Mission and has enjoyed Church callings in the Primary, Sunday School, and elders quorum. He has an associates diploma from Lethridge Community College with a major in wildland park management and a bachelor of science degree from Utah State University with a major in forestry. Dan enjoyed an abbreviated career with the forest service and is now currently employed with Nestle. Dan and Kate Nelson married in the Cardston Alberta Temple twenty-eight years ago and have six children and seven grandchildren. They currently live in Orem, Utah. He is the author of the book Leaders, Managers, and Blue Collar Perceptions.

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