Uintah United

THE TRUE STORY of a young school principal who used his fists to save a troubled Utah community.

IN 1922, A SMALL TOWN in northern Davis County, Utah, becomes divided when the school principal shoots and kills the town bully. At first the school board can’t find anyone to replace the man now charged with murder. The only person who will take the job is twenty-six-year-old Golden Kilburn, who promptly offers to fight the friends of the dead bully. After his opponents all fail, Kilburn starts a boxing program to teach the boys how to fight, and the school and community begin to heal. 
In the last century, over 400 hillside letters have been built in the United States, but only one particular letter has a story far more dramatic than any other…Directed by Issac Goeckeritz and narrated by Dick Nourse (KSL-5) this award winning documentary tells one of the greatest small town stories in Utah history. This inspirational story of hope and healing is guaranteed to entertain and educate your entire family.
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