Treat Everyone with Dignity, Kindness and Respect – They Deserve It!

This is guest post from Janene Baadsgaard.Janene is a well-known author and speaker on family life. She lives on two acres in Spanish Fork, Utah with her husband Ross and is the mother of ten children and many grandchildren. She welcomes contact with her readers at or you can visit her website at .

We don’t like to talk about abuse. It is easier to pretend it doesn’t exist – but it does. Those who have been injured need
information, understanding, and support. If we are or have been caught in the web of a destructive relationship, there is something better for us. There is joy and peace available to every son and daughter of God. Each of us deserves to be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.

Those who have been abused know how it feels when every part of their body and soul aches with an inner sadness far deeper than any physical injury or illness. They know what it feels like to be cheated, humiliated, demeaned, beaten, stalked, violated, betrayed, treated unfairly, lied to, placed in mortal danger, neglected, controlled, abandoned, blackmailed, or threatened. There is no excuse for abuse; excuses keep us stuck in a web of damaging associations. We can get unstuck.

I’ve been a professional journalist writing about family issues for three decades in newspapers, magazines, and books. Because my life’s work has been to inform and uplift families, I’ve been on a continual search for the latest research and have interviewed numerous professionals in an effort to gather and share information with my readers. My career has placed me in the unique position to receive many letters, emails, and phone calls from readers all over the world. The most deeply poignant questions and heartbreaking experiences I’ve received concern destructive relationships. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I’d like to share a select sample of these true stories of courage and recovery, along with some important information and insights I’ve collected on how to define abuse, how to get out of abusive relationships and how to heal and move forward.

Perhaps the greatest joy in life is to love and be loved. The sad truth is – if we’ve never felt loved, we may not know what it really means to love and be loved. This hole in our soul makes it more difficult for us to know how to love and care for our self, spouse, children and friends. Yet, there is hope and healing for everyone involved in the abuse cycle . . . including you . . . including me. The information in this book literally changed my life. I grew up in a troubled home. After writing this book, I finally made the vital decision to no longer maintain relationships with those who do not treat me with kindness and respect. If you’ve touched by abuse or know someone who has, you need Healing from Abuse.