The Utah UFO Display

A Scientist Brings Reason and Logic to Over 400 UFO Sightings in Utah’s Uintah Basin
On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a fire equipment salesman from Boise, Idaho, was flying his private plane on a business trip when his eye caught a flash in the morning sky. He turned to see a chain-like formation of bright, disc-shaped objects that were rapidly approaching Mt. Rainier. Arnold was an experienced and respected pilot, so it was difficult to doubt his word. Not surprisingly. no one was able to provide an explanation for this sighting.
DO UFO’S REALLY EXIST? Noted scientist Frank B Salisbury, in collaboration with Joseph Junior HIcks, examines UFO data in the context of modern science. In preparation for writing this volume, he interviewed countless people who adamantly insist that they witnessed a flying saucer or were abducted by extraterrestrial beings. In this book you will read how:
  • Extraterrestrial beings held a Kentucky family hostage for three hours
  • Father Gill of the Catholic Church witnessed a disc-shaped object hovering on the horizon
  • Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens
  • A police officer saw a large egg-shaped spacecraft land in a nearby ravine
  • A huge circular object that was estimated to be a mile in diameter was sighted and photographed in the evening sky
  • A neighborhood in Arizona witnessed an unfamiliar spacecraft with a specular display of lights
  • And more! 
SHEDDING NEW LIGHT ON THE UFO MYSTERY, this fascinating publication to life dramatic eyewitness accounts that address this timeworn puzzle from a scientific standpoint. Prepare to be pulled to the edge of your seat and spellbound until the last page. 
In my long experience with the UFO phenomenon, the question, “Do you believe in UFOs?” has never ceased to irritate me. UFOs should neither be a matter of our blind faith (which the word “believe” implies) nor of our blind skepticism. Like any other entrant to the “playing field of science,” the UFO phenomenon should be asked to show its credentials. What are they facts? Can they be tested, intercompared?  
                                        –[The late] Dr. J. Allen Hynek
                                       Chairman, Astronomy Department
                                       Northwestern University

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