The Promised Teasers

Sometime yesterday we passed the 250 followers mark on Twitter (hopefully it stays that way)! I promised that I’d give you teasers from 3 of our new books if we made it to 250 followers and here they are:

Guardians of the Hidden Scepter by Frank L. ColeGuardians of the Hidden Scepter by Frank L. Cole

I cowered in Dorothy’s bedroom, lying flat beneath the queen bed and wishing my teacher owned a longer bedspread. My backpack, filled with the mysterious wares from Dorothy’s safe, rested next to me on the floor. Out in the living room, a door pushed open, and my sense of hearing was enhanced by my horror. Although the men attempted to conceal their entry, I heard every footstep. If only I had taken more time to find a better hiding place. People always looked under the bed first! But with no cell phone to call Trendon or the police, I could only wait and hope they wouldn’t find me.


Conversations With a Moonflower by Christine HallConversations with a Moonflower by Christine Hall

One night at dusk, a friend drove by our house and saw me and my daughter on our knees in front of the plant. She slowed down and called out the window, “What are you two doing””watching your flowers grow?”

We laughed and said, “Actually, we are! Come see!”

She parked and walked over and we told her about the plant. She sat down on the lawn and visited with us for a few minutes. Suddenly the stem started to shake.

“It’s going to open!” my daughter shouted as once again a flower on our mysterious and wonderful plant opened before our eyes.

My friend leaned toward the plant, her eyes wide. She had a puzzled smile on her face. “Okay, seriously,” she said, “that is the most amazing plant I have ever seen! Where did you get it?”

(Watch a moonflower open for yourself here)

Einsteins Trunk by James HaberkornEinstein’s Trunk by James Haberkorn

Yohaba and Rulon glared at each other across the dining room table, the apartment still smoldering from her verbal napalm strikes. The fight had been short but vicious, but she was calmer now, and he’d picked up the chairs he inadvertently knocked over as he stormed around the room.

The table was to be the level playing field over which they’d save the world and negotiate their personal truce. She’d made it clear she wasn’t meekly going away and leaving it up to him. Their lives were inexplicably thrown together for at least a short time. Though neither of them made mention of the irony, it was obvious to both of them. They were two people who, under different circumstances, would have had nothing to do with each other. But now, despite their differences in religion, background, and moral judgment, they were bound together by their humanity.

Thank you so much for helping us reach our Twitter goal! Happy Reading!

If you would like a teaser from one of our other March releases, just leave a comment and let me know. If we get enough votes we’ll do this again!