The Power of Music

This is a guest post by David Glen Hatch.Distinguished international concert and recording artist and master teacher of piano, David Glen Hatch, enjoys an active performance career in prestigious venues on five continents. He has recorded a wide variety of repertoire on more than thirty compact discs with much of his work being marketed internationally in more than forty countries. In addition to his numerous professional awards and accolades, he is twice a Pearl Award winner and has been nominated for three Grammy awards. His performances and interviews have been aired on National Public Radio and on classical radio stations and television affiliates in eight countries. Dr. Hatch has published seven volumes of his arrangements, published articles with Clavier magazine, and has served on the Board of Trustees of the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation/Competitions. You can connect with him online at his websiteor YouTube.

For many years I have been encouraged to provide a book that examines substantial aspects of inspired music. The technological advancements today have made the musical arts much more accessible to us than at any other time in history. Obviously, we cannot isolate ourselves and our children from the adverse influences of the world in which we live, but we can learn to distinguish in order to avoid that which is detrimental to our spirits. Rather than find ourselves satisfied with shallow music that is widely available today, we can learn to understand and appreciate the great musical masterworks of divine inspiration.

Ever since King David wrote his many psalms, musicians of faith have attempted to praise God through musical gifts He has given them. Present-day examples include inspirational music by gospel composers and performers. However, Christian musicians have also been called of God to serve in the secular arena. These include many of the world’s brilliant composers and performers, who maintained their faith in Christ while working in the musical establishments of their day. In this way, God has preserved illumination within the musical world through those humble enough to recognize that music was ultimately made to praise its Creator.

Listeners who are perceptive to both the creative genius and the workings of the Spirit in music will understand the mission of the arts within the restored gospel framework. My intent in writing this book, Praiseworthy Music & Spiritual Moments, is to provide assistance for families and individuals yearning to understand the power and magnificence of music in their lives. To achieve this personal desire, I have provided musical insights, anecdotes and pertinent information with a gospel emphasis that will hopefully enrich lives in the pursuit of spiritual edification.

Watch David perform Sonata in B minor by Chopin:

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