The Hoarders – Jean Stringam

My brother, Joaquin, and I are hiding out. Nobody knows where we live, and that’s how we want it. If anybody finds out that Joaquin and I have moved back into the summer cottage with Aunt Amy like she is, we might have to go live with strangers. We need to stay with her no matter what. No way am I going to let strangers take her. Besides, two brothers might get split up between two families. Joaquin needs me and so does Aunt Amy, so I’m going to make sure nobody ever knows we live here”¦I guess you could say Joaquin and I are in a pile of trouble. I sure wish I could tell you how we’re going to get ourselves out of this, but I don’t see a way yet. All I can tell you is how we got here. I’ll start king of close to the beginning.

While everything around him falls apart, Cheyenne can only count on two things: his little brother, Joaquin, and his precious food hoard. But when their situation goes from bad to worse, Cheyenne knows he and Joaquin will need to stick together and rely on the lessons they’ve learned to keep them alive. This captivating coming-of-age novel will draw you into a world that’s all too real. The Hoarders is a vibrant but alarming book that blends enduring themes with quietly brilliant writing to produce an unforgettable story that’s sure to become an instant classic. Get The Hoarders today!!

Jean Stringam grew up in Alberta, Canada, taking three of her five degrees there, and remembers wonderful days riding horses, backpacking, and skiing with her family in the Canadian Rockies. Now that she lives far away from her five children and five sisters – she spends a lot of time traveling to see them. When they get together they love to make music, attend live theater, and hear each other’s tales.
Nowadays she’s either teaching for her university in Missouri, or better yet, she’s teaching them in a foreign country such as China or England. She loves to travel. If she had her way, she would visit every country in the world, including all the oceans, rivers, forests, and jungles. Whenever anyone asks her where home is, she thinks about all the people she has loved. If she could get them all together in one wonderful, happy pile, that would be home. Follow Jean on her blog HERE.

Included in the back of the book, are seven questions for discussion about the book!