Teaser Tuesday

So I’m reading three books right now, so I would give you teasers from all three, but one is not with me. So instead I will just tell you the last thing that happened.

1) The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey-From the Library

She was being teleported through space, but to her it felt like she was being sucked into a vortex and hands were pulling her down.

2) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell-Book on CD from the Library

“It’s a big established company attempting to behave like a small entrepreneurial start-up.”

“And how did they do that? By, among other things, adhering to the rule of one hundred and fifty.”

3) Relentless by Richard and Dax Crum-Arc from work

“While Dax talked to the media, an eight-year-old boy slowly walked onto the floor, and as he stood waiting behind Dax, I could tell that he was hiding his left hand in his pocket.”

” Dax turned around and put his stub on the boy’s head, rubbed his hair and said, ‘Hi.'”

P.S. I know it’s not Tuesday anymore, but the internet was being a pain yesterday, so you get this post today. =S Hopefully I can get a bit ahead in the future and you can get you Teaser Tuesday on Tuesday. =)