Teaser Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again! Time for teasers! I’m sad to say that I’m not reading as many books as I have been lately. The last one I finished (Conversations with a Moonflower by Christine Hall ) was a super fast read (like only an hour) but it was still really good and very inspirational. (If you want to see a moonflower blossom in real time, check this out. They bloom in under a minute.)

Another one that I’m looking into is Share Your Stories Mother by Jeffery Marsh, but it’s not really a readable book…yet. It’s a personal history journal, and it’s super cool because it takes a lot of the work out of doing your personal history. There are already question prompts for you to answer, you don’t have to come up with them. All you have to do is write the answer. Here’s some sample questions:

Why were you given your name? Were you named after someone else?

Have you ever been hospitalized or had surgery? What for?

I’m really excited by the idea and am looking forward for getting it for my Mom, and there’s also one for Grandmothers that I want to get for my Grandma. The ones for Fathers and Grandfathers are coming out in the next month or so.

The only novel I’m in the middle of right now is Damia by Anne McCaffrey and thanks to Amazon.com and their “Look Inside” feature, I can give you some teasers from it (my copy is at home, sad).

“My skin is brown, yours is green. I’m a brownie,” and he ignored the hoots from his crew, “and you’re a greenie. Just a matter of what color we got born with. Now, ‘pint-sized’ means small, I’d be gallon-sized ’cause I’m much bigger. Get me?”

Goswina, a loving and caring sister, had not an ounce of meanness in her temperament and never found this duty a chore.

Enjoy and happy reading and writing!

What are you currently reading? What do you like about it?