Teaser Tuesday

I just finished “Guardians Of the Hidden Scepter” by Frank Cole today, so I won’t be using it as one of my teasers, but let me say that it was really good. A little predictable at the end, but quite thrilling the whole way through. Some pretty unusual characters (My favorite was Temel–“Of course you like me. I blow things up.” Ok I guess that’s a bit of a teaser =J ), but thoroughly enjoyable. The release party is March 10th, 6:00-8:00 pm at the Sandy Barnes and Noble (10180 S. State Street), and if you go to his blog you can learn a keyword so that he’ll do something special when he signs your book (think author turned artist).

That said I am currently in the middle of Borrowed Light by Carla Kelly. I got to do an interview with Carla last week (which was super fun). You can check it out here.

And here’s the teasers from her book:

Mama nodded, her lips trembling. “Spencer had gone to an auction in Lehi.”

She stayed with her mother until she slept and then tiptoed to her own room, standing in the door and reminding herself all over again how lovely it was compared to her little room off the kitchen at the Double Tipi””no newspaper on the walls and ceiling, a wicker rocking chair that creaked in all the right places, and a bed that smelled of lavender.

Last night I also started Damia by Anne McCaffrey. It’s at home so I can’t pull any quotes from it, but the last thing I remember reading is that Afra was discussing the Rowan and Jeff Raven with Redinger.

So there are my teasers for today. Sorry they are late once again, but at least they are there.

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