Blog tour: ‘More Than the Tattooed Mormon’

Blog tour: ‘More Than the Tattooed Mormon’

Al Carraway and Cedar Fort Publishing & Media are pleased to announce the “More Than the Tattooed Mormon” blog tour, which will run from November 17-December 19, 2015.

If you’re interested in participating in this blog tour, please email us or leave a comment below.

About the book and author:

Al Fox Carraway has spent the last four years inspiring the world with her story of conversion, redemption, and finding faith. As a blogger and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. This up-close look at her life will show you what it means to truly trust in the Lord.

More Than Tattooed Mormon blog tour

“More Than the Tattooed Mormon” blog tour schedule:

November 17: Brooklyn Jolley
November 18: Not Your Relief Society Book Club
November 19: This Mormon Life
November 20: I Love to Read and Review Books
November 21: Mormonrabilia
November 22: My Experience in Truth
November 23: Our Kerrazy Adventure
November 24: Chronicles of Vatervaar
November 25: Mel’s Shelves
November 26: I Was a Stay at Home Mom Once
November 27: The Chronicles of Conan
November 28: My Little Corner of the World
November 29: Kensie Kate
November 30: My Little Sunshines
December 1: Dreamling Books
December 2: Singing Librarian Books
December 3: Provo Eats
December 4:
December 5: Miss Opinionation
December 6: Living as a Lloyd
December 7: Brooklyn Berry Designs
December 8: Reidhead Random-ness
December 9: Aaron Blaylock
December 10: A Very Fruitful Tree
December 11: The Morrell Tale
December 12: The Power of One Girl
December 13: Fire and Ice
December 14: My Book a Day
December 15: Making Life a Bliss Complete
December 16: Alec Marie
December 17: Readalot
December 18: Dog-eared Pages • Rockin’ Book Reviews
December 19: Seeing Dandy • According to Brent • LDS Woman at the Well