Taking Advantage of Social Media for Your Writing

This is a guest post by Heather Ostler, author of The Shapeshifter’s Secret.

Marketing yourself and your writing is an important step to do before, during, and after your book gets published. With so many different social media sites, jumping into the internet marketing pool and immersing yourself can be intimidating. However, building up followers takes time, and it’s important to start now. Here are just some of the benefits to online marketing.Social media is free. There are some sites out there that charge, but the biggest ones””Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blog accounts””are all free. Most of these sites also have an easy set up process so you can get started quickly and effortlessly.Worldwide audience. You can connect with thousands of different readers, writers, and friends all over the world. I’ve been able to promote The Shapeshifter’s Secret to readers from numerous countries, receiving feedback from England, Australia, South Korea, Canada, and Romania. I never would have had that opportunity without online social media.Used with permission by OpenClipArt.org
  • Prove yourself. Social media is also a way to show literary agents, editors, and publishers that you are serious about promoting your book. When someone is looking at buying the rights to your book, it’s a lot more appealing if you already have thousands of followers and are working daily to promote your work.

My advice to fellow writers is always the same, start your social media promoting now. You don’t get followers overnight (unless you’re a celebrity), and it can take months, or even years to build up an online presence.

Used with permission by OpenClipArt.org

Once you have followers, you don’t want to instantly start promoting yourself either. Online readers are weary of those who are only on the internet to push their product. It’s the same way in real life. If you meet a stranger and they immediately start talking about their product and why you need to buy it””you’re going to try and get away from them quickly without it being too awkward. However, if a trusted friend approaches you with a product, you’re more likely to listen. You want to build online friendships and connections that result in others trusting your opinion.

If you’re serious about getting your work out there and promoting your writing, marketing through social media is a must. It’s free, it’s a great way to connect with readers all over the globe, and it’s a way to show the publishing industry that you’re serious about promoting your work. It may seem like a daunting task getting started, but the benefits are definitely worth it!

What benefits have you seen from social media?

Bio: Heather Ostler grew up near the mountains with a rambunctiously entertaining family. She majored in English at Utah Valley University, and soon began composing stories about masquerades, water nymphs, and shapeshifters. She and her husband, Kellen, reside in Highland, Utah with two remarkably pleasant pugs.

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