September New Releases

Here are the new releases for the month of September.
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Best-selling author Wendy Paul is back with a collection of fast, easy, and foolproof recipes sure to satisfy all your cookie cravings. Find a cookie in 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone that not only looks great but tastes great too!

Josh is just an average carpenter, but when his touch miraculously brings a boy back to life, things start to spin out of control. As the media quickly rushes to pronounce this act a Christmas miracle, others try to debunk the entire story. Everyone is soon taking sides while Josh is thrust into a role that even he can’t believe. Miracle is a sweet Christmas tale that will convince you that life is filled with all kinds of miracles.

Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can feel like the most stressful time of the year. Simplify your Christmas in six easy steps, and bring your family closer to Christ.

When little David is told that his mother went to live with Jesus, he embarks on a tender journey to find her and discovers what Christmas is really all about.

If Christmas is a time for miracles, Claire and Daniel could sure use a few. This unique and poignant tale of family and forgiveness will brighten your holiday and remind you of what truly matters most.

Determined to keep the memory of her late husband alive, Jillian gives away the Santa suit he once wore, and learns how the spirit of giving can transform a free Santa suit into a priceless Christmas experience.

Share the gift of a Christmas story. We know about the first Christmas from the shepherds and wise men. But what about the innkeeper? Find out from this beautiful narrative poem.
When a recent widow invites her children to spend the holidays with her, each child must decide to overlook past grievances and move forward to a better future in this refreshing Christmas story.

What could a lowly beggar boy offer the King of Kings? Find out in this heartwarming tale of the first Christmas””a perfect gift for children of all ages.

Carol, a young widow with a tiny Christmas budget, worries about running the school’s Christmas charity fund-raiser. But after receiving help from friends and strangers, she remembers that with the Savior, all things are possible.

Home Cookin’ is a practical and scrumptious remedy for the dinnertime blahs. Easy-to-follow instructions and a wide range of recipes make this cookbook perfect for beginning chefs and seasoned epicures alike.

David Bowman, author of the popular Who’s Your Hero? series, once again brings us his delightful drawings in his new book, The Great Plan of Happiness. Learn where you came from, why you’re here on here, and what happens after death.