Publishers Weekly lists Cedar Fort as one of nation’s fastest growing independent publishers

PublishersWeeklyIndustry trade publication Publishers Weekly lists Utah-based Cedar Fort Publishing & Media as one of the nation’s fastest-growing independent publishers. Twelve independent publishers made the list, which is based on three factors over the past three years: sales growth, number of employees and number of titles.

“This article is exciting because it validates our vision at Cedar Fort,” said Bryce Mortimer, president of Cedar Fort. “It will allow us to be of greater service in a struggling industry.” Mortimer currently serves on the executive board of PubWest (the largest independent publishers association in the US) and is involved in several other industry projects. “This recognition from our publishing peers will open new avenues for us to continue releasing inspiring and uplifting books and products,” he continued. “We are thrilled about the visibility this brings our company and our authors.”

PW reports that Cedar Fort credits its growth to a complete restructuring of its in-house operations. Instead of dividing its staff into traditional departments based on employee specialties, the production teams are grouped by genre, enabling each team to focus on its own titles.

“[The restructuring] allows us to respond quickly to trends in the marketplace, both in acquiring new titles and packaging our books to help them stand out from everything else on the shelf in that genre,” said Cedar Fort production manager, Heidi Doxey. Cedar Fort also credits its increased sales to branching out into film distribution, e-books and audiobooks. The company has been involved in the film industry for the past 18 months.


Cedar Fort Publishing & Media was formed by Lyle Mortimer in 1986. Since then, the company has grown and currently produces uplifting fiction and nonfiction books that are known across the globe. Cedar Fort has a solid catalog of LDS fiction and nonfiction titles, general release titles (including cookbooks, clean romance, and young adult adventures) and an LDS-oriented product line.

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    Awesome! So proud to have my very first cookbook published by you! ~peace~ ally

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