Preparing to Enter the Temple

preparing to enter the temple


Everyone’s journey to the temple is different, but as you plan to receive your temple endowment, be sure to devote time to careful study and preparation. In order to fully enjoy the blessings of the temple, you should make sure that you’re fully prepared. Here is a timeline for temple preparation to help you track your progress as you prepare to receive your endowment.  


Consider the reasons why you want to enter the temple. Most members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints choose to receive their temple endowments before leaving on a mission or being married in the temple. However, there are no specific guidelines that dictate when someone should receive his or her endowment. Take care of anything in your life that would prevent you from entering the temple in the future.


Begin reading books about entering the temple. Learning more about the temple ordinances will help you begin to understand the covenants that you will make and the intricacies of the temple ceremony more fully. A great choice for this part of preparation is Preparing for Your Endowment by Cory B. Jensen.


Begin attending a temple preparation class. This class will provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions that you might have to a teacher who has already attended the temple and will help you continue to learn more about the purpose of the endowment. Additionally, you should discuss your desire to enter the temple with your bishop and set a date for your temple interview.


Your temple interviews should be completed with both your bishop and your stake president at this point. You should also call the temple to set the date for when you enter the temple. Be sure that you have an escort or someone who will help you through the temple ceremony in mind when you set your appointment.


Continue to attend the temple for the ordinances that you are permitted to perform. Going to perform baptisms and confirmations will help you to feel the spirit of the temple more fully and help you understand the purpose of the temple ordinances as you prepare to make new covenants.


Purchase your temple garments. Be sure to buy a variety of materials and styles so that you can find the garments that best suit your needs once you begin to wear garments. You should also purchase temple clothing if you need or want your own set of temple clothing.   


Bring your temple clothing, garments, temple recommend, and escort with you to the temple. If you are getting sealed in the temple that same day, be sure to bring your marriage license. Most temples want to arrive at least an hour or an hour and a half before your scheduled endowment session, but the temple will instruct you on when to arrive.


Most people do not fully understand the temple ceremonies the first time that they enter the temple. It is important to continue attending the temple and to continue studying. An excellent book to read after entering the temple for the first time is The Truth About Eden by Alonzo L. Gaskill. The more that you study and continue the attend the temple after your initial ordinance, the more that you understand each time that you go.

While the temple ceremony is always a sacred experience, a little preparation can help you to the Spirit more strongly during your endowment and help you feel less nervous the day that you enter the temple. Don’t forget that are about to participate in the most sacred and redeeming ordinances that are available to us on earth.