PR Tool Box

Today I would like to talk about putting together a media package. This should be the tool box from which you can pull things when media professionals come calling. I will be listing and explaining each item in this toolbox to you. If you need any help with any of these items, feel free to contact me. Building-your-PR-Toolbox


Press Release:

The press release can be used multiple times. It is a living document that can and should be changed with current events. If there is a news story for which you could be considered an expert, it is time to change your release to reflect the change. The release has a short life cycle on the news-desks. If you don’t resubmit it multiple times you will be passing up a possible interview and opportunity. See the marketing guide on how to write one.

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The pitch letter is used to gain the attention of show producers. The intent is to engage and show the producer that you are both informative and engaging. The pitch should be no longer than two paragraphs. This is also a living document you will want to modify for each show.

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Having a list of 25 questions you can answer is a big bonus for producers. This helps make their job easier. It will also allow you to guide the interview where you would like it to go. You could also use it to make sure there is no awkward silence during the interviewing process.

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You should always take two copies of your book to each interview. You should also have a picture of the cover in your toolbox as well.

Social Media:

These are the channels you need to be on for Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Amazon. You should also be familiar with the unique characteristics of each of these channels. Remember you should have an author bio on both Amazon and Goodreads.


In addition to your website, you should have a blog. It is recommended that you have a well-written and engaging post. It is advisable to learn about SEO and to use it when posting on your blog.

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