Pamela Jensen: Personal experience led to ‘Reverently, Quietly’


Personal experience led to ‘Reverently, Quietly’
by Pamela Jensen

As I recollect about what got me started on the idea of creating “Reverently, Quietly: Sacrament Meeting Activity Book,” I realize the idea came from several fronts.

Sitting in sacrament meeting in my ward one week, I watched the younger children, ages one to seven. I noticed that they were not paying attention to what was going on in the meeting. They were coloring a super hero or a cartoon character or drawing on their own pieces of paper.

You know how thoughts enter your head and you process them and then store them for a later recall? That’s what I did then.

Awhile later, my husband and I were visiting one of our daughters and grandsons in their ward. Again, I watched the young children around me and noticed they, and our younger grandson, were doing the same thing the children in my ward were doing during sacrament meeting.

I accommodated our grandson’s restlessness by helping him with drawings that were keeping him completely alienated from what was going on in the meeting. Not only was he distracted, but so was I. I heard parts of what was being said, but the meeting did not have my complete attention. Afterwards, I wondered what my grandson had gotten from the meeting.

On the way home, my daughter and I talked about this dilemma. She turned to me and said, “Mom, why don’t you write a book that will help keep their minds on the sacrament?”

After I got home, I pondered on the idea for awhile. Quite awhile, actually. It persisted in my thoughts and I finally realized I couldn’t just think about it, I had to put the ideas into action.

As I started to draw and write, ideas flooded my mind. Night after night, I worked on the book. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night and an idea came to me, so I had to get up to write it down. This is one of the advantages of being older; sleep often evades me, so getting up to write down ideas or draw was a pleasure.

I had no idea how long the book should be, so I just kept going until there were no more ideas. The interesting part about the entire process was that when it was done, it was done. No more ideas came.

My mother was in an assisted living center at the time and, because she is a writer, I naturally went to her for advice. She suggested I submit the book for publication, and even suggested where I should submit it to. I decided to take her advice.

Since submitting the manuscript, I lost my dear mother. She never knew that the book was going to be published before she passed away, but I’m sure she knows now.

Pamela JensenPamela R. Jensen resides in Grantsville, Utah, a small community west of Salt Lake City. She attended Snow College and majored in Art and later taught night classes at that same institution in Commercial Art. She has been married to her husband, Raymond, for 47 years and is a stay-at-home mom and has loved every minute of it! Over the years she has been asked to draw logos for various towns, including Caliente, Nev. For the past 30 years she has had a home business called Pam’s Paperdolls. At present, she has 63 different paperdolls and doesn’t plan to stop there. She also has an AP game called “Muddles,” which is available at or